"Yesterday at church was such a blessing, and all day Monday the words from both sermons echoed in my head and I found myself trusting God easier and singing at work.  For the last ten years before I came to Victory I would spend Monday trying to forget what I'd heard on Sunday and not let the harsh, hateful words from the pulpit affect my attitude on Monday...never easy to do.  My mantra was "never let Sunday affect Monday...have a good attitude anyway."  Now I go to church, get challenged and spoken to by God, and can let my Sundays affect my Monday's...in a positive way!  :) I feel so blessed that God led us to your ministry."



"We all work together to win souls to Christ.  i have been going for three short years with my family and there is no other place I would rather serve.  We are all one big, happy family at Victory.  There are many programs for men, women, and children.  Stop by and visit.  You won't be disappointed.  It is the best visit I ever made."



"The church has taught me to be a better person.  My life has been going a lot better since I have been going to church.  I learned why people want to say bad things to you.  I have my church and God to look to.  I was really down and out before I came to church.  Now I wake up with a different outlook.  I look forward to going to church and being with my church friends.  It is my family.  I love my pastor and my Sunday School teacher.  They helped change my life around."


"Thank God you are an anointed pastor.  I am so happy to be able to learn from your wisdom and guidance.  Thank you so much."


"Everyone we went to college with has changed!  It's so refreshing that you haven't!! That makes my heart smile!!  You haven't changed and we are lucky enough to have you both, in MAINE as OUR pastor!!! We are blessed for sure."

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